The Walking Stick Club

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You are invited to join the discussion on your subjective experience of higher states of consciousness whilst out walking alone in nature.  Share your musings, observations and reflections.
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  1. The Wind
    Every now and then I need to leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind, and so I take my stick and head out for a walk. Sometimes I will head out to get away so that I can think more clearly about the world, such as prepare a sermon, think through tasks that need to be done, and so although I physically leave the world I still carry it with me – in my head!
    But there is another form of leaving the world behind that is more complete than this. This involves getting ‘out of one’s head’. This is walking not to think! – walking to stop the endless chatter of the mind. There are a number of ways to do this, but for me they involve ‘getting out of my mind by getting into my senses’. For when I am sensing something I find that find that my mind chatter stops. When I smell a rose, in that moment of sense I have stopped thinking. I am simply sensing. Sometimes I walk with the commitment to be in my senses only, what I see, smell, touch, feel or hear and this brings me into the present moment. And the present moment is always rich and peaceful.
    Listen to the wind – this is my favourite. To find a Sheoak and to sit under it. Then Listen; just listen, to the soft shush. Just listen and keep on listening, doing nothing except listening. And what is so good about the sound of wind is that it has no content, it is vacant, it is not words, it has no structure, it is just empty sound which washes over me. There is no response needed. Just an attentive reception and this creates a much needed space in myself.
    It maybe one thing to take oneself out of the hustle and bustle of the world, but another thing to take the hustle and bustle of the world out of oneself.

  2. Many people want to join the Walkingstick Club but few actually do.
    I began the Walkingstick club ten years ago. My daughter Anneke and her friend Danielle very much wanted to join the club and have a special stick until Danielle discovered that you were supposed to talk to God when walking – she said ‘that is what mad people did’ laughing at the silly idea. They were 15 years old then.
    So far there are only two members of the club (I think), myself and my wonderful and beautiful wife Michelle. Now I am a bit cautious about assuming too much about Michelle’s membership because although she walks a lot, prays and meditates a lot, and also the fact that she has cut herself a stick (actually I cut it – she sort of pointed at it), however she may not want to limit herself by belonging to a structure that I have created, in case I get all ego about it, and it cramps her style. But yet, at the same time, she cannot avoid the fact that it is a brilliant idea, and a true path to wisdom. See the catch?
    Over the years this discipline has revealed to me aspects of myself and given me a path that is deep, beautiful and free for the healing of body mind and spirit. It is this that I wish to share with you in time, little by little.
    Peace be with you
    Rev Paul

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