Every Eucharist begins with a short silent meditation.

contactMeditation in this context is about becoming empty, not filling ones head with more great ideas to entertain the ego, just being silent, empty, open and receptive to the presence of Christ among us. The discipline of meditation is to hold this consciousness in a sustained way which requires discipline because it is easy to drift off and find oneself daydreaming, inside another great thought that entertains the ego, and so losing the meditative awareness.

Christians have traditionally used a prayer phrase to help keep them focused, attentive and open to the presence of Christ. The phrase we encourage here (though some meditators among us use other phrases) has a long history in the Orthodox Church and is known as The Jesus Prayer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus_Prayer. In its short form it simply says “Lord Jesus have mercy”.

This prayer phrase is repeated over and over, one must find one’s own rhythm, and it serves to keep us focused on the presence of Christ among us and to bring the mind back from being caught up in itself and remain simply open and receptive.

Would you like to be put in contact with some of the meditators in this parish?  Send us a message via our contact page and we will be in touch shortly.