A daily walk in the created order is an excellent self-forming practice for spiritual growth.Walking_Sticks

Many people find that when they walk alone in the natural environment, away from the human made and artificial parts of our life, that their heart can soar and their mind can expand, so that they are able to enter a reflective consciousness where they are able to ponder more deeply on the grand themes of life. This is a rich mindspace for prayer and connectedness to our creator.

The WalkingStick Club can offer a structure through which one can develop a spiritual discipline of walking prayer.

The commitment is threefold:

  1. Have a particular Walkingstick for prayer. You may cut this and whittle it into shape yourself. You may wish have it blessed in church, (when something is blest it is imputed with a special meaning within the purposes of God), or you may paint it bright colours or whatever. It does not matter how you make it special, the important thing is that you use this stick only for this special purpose – the prayer walk.
  2. Walk alone in a deserted place in nature. (Jesus rhythmically went off alone to a ‘deserted place’ to pray. Aloneness is important and nature is important).
  3. Commune with God whilst walking.

…and bingo you’re in!

You are a member of the walking stick club!

(Relax – you don’t have to have a stick to be in – but it is a great idea)

Are you a member?walkingstickclub

  • Yes I am a member!