baptism babyBaptisms (Christenings)

To be baptised is a wonderful thing, it unites us to Christ and we become members of the universal church. One can be baptised at any age.

Infant baptism

The advantage of being baptised as an infant is that you are brought up within the communion and you have belongingness to Christ from the start. However, because you were baptised by the decision of your parents it is necessary to later be confirmed when you have reached the age of discretion and are able take on the promises for yourself.

Adult baptism

It is a wonderful thing to be baptised as an adult because you are conscious of what you are doing. You may wish to have a full emersion baptism or baptism by the pouring on of water, whichever way you choose we will strive to make it a deeply meaningful personal encounter between you and Christ among supportive Christian friends.

Note: If you are baptised as an adult it is also good to follow with confirmation at the next visitation of the Bishop. The confirmation confirms your baptism through the laying on of hands and anointing by the most senior pastor of the church.

What if I have been both baptised and confirmed and want something more?

If you have been both baptised and confirmed and have drifted away from Christ and would like a structure to recommit yourself to Christ and re-join the church then we suggest that you join ‘The Path’. The Path will bring you through the deep waters of death to the reaffirmation of your baptism vows at Easter morning. Later you will receive the laying on of hands and anointing by the Bishop.

All enquiries about baptism and Christian initiation please contact Fr Paul 5772 1053

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